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  • Storm Totals

    A complete database of snow and ice events for all subscribed ZIP codes. Access storms from the current season as well as the two prior seasons. You can easily search for individual storm events or use the "Advanced Search" to create custom reports.

  • Cumulative Totals

    Keep track of the monthly and seasonal cumulative totals for all ZIP codes on your account. Customize your report for a specific date range, an entire season, or a full calendar year. Perfect for all seasonal contracts!

  • Thresholds

    Monitor seasonal caps for any of your ZIP codes. Assign a cap to a location and receive an email notification when the location has met or exceeded that threshold.

  • Reports

    CST reports can be printed as well as downloaded to a PDF or Excel document. You can export data for a single storm, an entire season, and everything in between. Totally customize-able!

  • Custom Integration

    As part of WeatherWorks' Enterprise Solutions, our Certified Snowfall Totals API provides you with everything you need to integrate our post-storm accumulation totals into your billing software.

    For more information about our API click here.

Certified Snowfall Totals Storms Page

Our Process

1. Winter Storm

A winter storm occurs. Snow removal contractors clear and treat their sites.

2. Measurements

Several snowfall measurements are taken and reported to public and private authorities.

3. Research

A WeatherWorks meteorologist begins in-depth research of the snowstorm, noting the timing, intensity, temperatures, and winds.

4. Data Gathering

Snowfall observations are collected by our meteorologists from public and private sources including official storm spotters, highway departments, schools & colleges, social media, and web cam videos.

5. Analysis & QA

We then analyze the snow totals, looking to make sure the observations were taken properly and at the right time for each site.

6. Snowfall Totals

Snowfall totals are generated for each city and ZIP code. A final quality control and review of each snow total is performed to ensure accuracy.

7. Email in 48 hrs

Certified Snowfall Totals are published to our database within 48 hours of the conclusion of the storm. Clients are notified via email so they can login and retrieve their specific snow totals.

8. Quick Invoices

Create or validate invoices fast with our detailed snowstorm reports. Our Certified Snowfall Totals API allows for automatic integration of our snow totals into billing software.

9. Professionalism

Satisfaction guaranteed! Eliminate disputes and maintain / strengthen professionalism between all parties involved.

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