Certified Snowfall Totals

Certified Snowfall Totals™

  • Nation’s leader in snow & ice verification
  • Snowfall totals certified by a meteorologist
  • Supports all snow removal contracts
  • User-friendly reports, charts, and graphs

What is Certified Snowfall Totals™ ?

Certified Snowfall Totals™ (CST) is the nation's leading snow & ice verification service, preferred by both snow removal contractors and property / facility managers.
We help streamline the billing process by providing a professional third-party verification of both snowfall accumulations and ice amounts.

After each winter storm, our team of meteorologists produce accurate snowfall total and ice accumulation reports for thousands of ZIP codes and cities across the country.
The snow and ice reports are generally available within only 48 hours after the conclusion of an event with easy access to the data through our online platform.

See some of the great features we provide below or learn more about what goes into the making of the nation's leading snow & ice verification service.

Search our Storm Archives to view the available snowfall total data.

Each CST™ report includes:

  • Snowfall totals reported to the nearest tenth of an inch
  • Ice accumulations reported to the nearest hundredth of an inch
  • A complete narrative description of the winter storm.  Details may include: 2-3 hour range in start & end times as well as temperatures and notable winds during the event
  • Certification statement signed by our Operational Meteorologist

CST™ features:

  • Access to storm totals for each ZIP code on your account for the current season as well as the previous two seasons
  • Calculate monthly and seasonal snowfall totals
  • Search for snowfall totals by ZIP code, city, state, date, season, accumulation amount, or precipitation type
  • Print reports directly from the website, save to a PDF or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or access data using our API
  • E-mail notification when storm total reports become available
  • Ability to set seasonal thresholds for each ZIP code and be notified when the threshold has been met
  • WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals has consistently been our go to meteorological service. The information is easy to access, clear to read and understand, and is accurate to the point of being commonly accepted by our clients as a reliable "industry standard". Our clients love the detail and accuracy of your post storm reports!

  • I have been very pleased with the accuracy of Certified Snowfall Totals over the years. I used to pay snow removal contractors by man-hour which was impossible to verify. Now, as long as I am billed for the same amount of snow that your reports indicate, I pay the bill.

  • It's great to have a document backed up by professionals when performing winter services for our commercial and condominium properties. It eases our mind that we have an accurate and reliable source for our billable inches.

  • I would like to compliment the WeatherWorks team on the accurate snow and ice totals provided throughout the winter season. Your consistent delivery of totals supported my ability to track our snow removal service provider on a cost basis of 30 inches per season.

  • Your attention to detail and quick responses to inquiries has allowed our staff to efficiently and effectively invoice our customers. With over 200 sites in 23 states, your flexibility, adaptability and accuracy helped fulfill our needs immensely.

  • Since Certified Snowfall Totals are posted online within 48 hours, we were able to confidently invoice our customers immediately. The service quickly eliminated the hassles of disputable invoices. The cost of service more than pays for itself each year!


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