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Certified Snowfall Totals® is an all-inclusive service - perfect for both per-inch and seasonal contracts.  For each location that you sign up for, you get access to a comprehensive database of accurate post-storm reports that includes:

•  Detailed narrative of the storm
•  Snow/sleet accumulation to the nearest tenth-of-an-inch
•  Freezing rain accumulation to the nearest hundredth-of-an-inch
•  Monthly and seasonal totals
•  Seasonal accumulation threshold tracking

All reports are archived throughout the season for easy retrieval using your account login at any time!

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Our Process - The CST Difference

When you purchase WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals® you are receiving the nation's leading source for snow & ice verification. Our service is preferred among snow removal contractors and is #1 among property and facility managers because a meteorologist is directly involved in all phases of the creation of your post-storm reports. From the collection of storm measurements to quality controlling and assigning totals to your locations, there is a trained analyst working for you every step of the way. Below is a brief description of the process our meteorologists use to generate Certified Snowfall Totals™:

First, a professional meteorologist determines where and when wintry precipitation fell by analyzing recorded observations from surface observing stations, Doppler radar imagery, and a network of over 1,000 web cams (among other tools).

Next, our meteorologist gathers snowfall totals from a variety of sources including National Weather Service cooperative observers and storm spotters, observing networks run by colleges and universities, road and highway department personnel, private weather observers, media, on-line forums, as well as our own staff meteorologists and interns.

Once all the data is collected, our meteorologist follows a detailed process to manually analyze the snowfall totals for spatial and temporal consistency, ensuring any errant or biased observations are removed from the dataset.

Finally, our meteorologist assigns a representative snowfall total to each ZIP code, using the snowfall data they quality controlled along with their knowledge of the region (e.g., local topography).

Bill or validate invoices confidently with the peace-of-mind that a trained snowfall analyst prepared your post-storm reports. Join the growing community of highly satisfied WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals™ users today!

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An integral part of conveying snow and ice information is identifying the precise area where the information is valid. This is why for our CST product we created a custom location database, utilizing geographical data from the Census Bureau, USGS, and USPS. City boundaries and populated place centers are overlaid on top of ZIP code boundaries to determine valid ZIP code-City combinations.

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VeriFreeze provides daily information regarding the occurrence of ice formation due to a recent refreeze event, as well as related phenomena like black ice. This product is designed to give confidence to justify billing for de-icing activity.

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Understanding the Science of Refreeze and Pavement Temperatures

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