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Add Pavement Verification to Any CST Location

Starting at $205/Season*

Get all the benefits of the Nation’s Leading Source for Snow and Ice Verification, plus the added benefit of WeatherWorks’ proprietary NEW VeriFreeze.

VeriFreeze provides daily information regarding the occurrence of ice formation due to a recent refreeze event, as well as related phenomena like black ice. VeriFreeze is designed to give confidence to justify billing and risk-related issues.

Learn more about VeriFreeze Here

The Leading Source for Snow and Ice Verification

Starting at $200/Season*

Reduce conflict and support post-storm documentation for all types of winter service contracts with Certified Snowfall Totals reports. From collection of winter storm totals to quality controlling and assigning snowfall totals to your locations, there is a trained analyst working for you every step of the way.

Our post-storm reports are preferred among snow removal contractors and are the #1 service to property and facility managers. Avoid contract disputes and streamline your billing process with the CST Difference.

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$150 Savings
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1 Location
$0 Savings
4 Locations
$25 Savings
15 Locations
$90 Savings
20 Locations
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25 Locations
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50 Locations
$150 Savings
51+ Locations
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Use the search box to add locations to your account. If you need to add a large quantity of locations, you have the option to upload a file. Download a sample to see the required format.

When a calendar icon appears on a row you can click it to view which storms are published for that location. The number indicates how many storm events are available. A P denotes a premium location. See the next step for more details.

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Length of Service

Your purchase provides you unlimited access to the data for the selected location(s) for the length of the season. Seasons run from November 1st of the current year thru October 31st of the next year.

Standard Locations

There is a minimum cost of $200 for the first location on your account. The majority of additional locations in our database are standard and cost $50 each.

Premium Locations

We designate a location as premium if it experiences a relatively high number (approximately 50 or more) of winter storm events per season. The substantial number of winter events can be due to frequent lake-effect snowfall as well as high latitude or elevation, among other factors. Premium locations carry a $90 location charge on top of the standard rate.

*NJ Sales Tax

We are required to collect sales tax for the State of New Jersey. This will be automatically calculated at checkout. If you are exempt from paying NJ Sales Tax, please contact us.

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